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Method 1: Rubeus.exe. Step 1: SPN Discover, Dump TGS, obtain HASH (All-in-one) Rebeus.exe is a terrific tool as it comes with a kerberoast module that discovers SPN, extracts TGS, and dump service Hash, which can be done with the help of the following command. ./. Using ticket in Windows. Inject ticket with Mimikatz: mimikatz # kerberos::ptt <ticket_kirbi_file>. Inject ticket with Rubeus: . \R ubeus.exe ptt /ticket: < ticket_kirbi_file >. Execute a cmd in the remote machine with PsExec: . \P sExec.exe -accepteula \\< remote_hostname > cmd. This post will walk through a technique to remotely run a Kerberoast attack over an established Meterpreter session to an Internet-based Ubuntu 16.04 C2 server and crack the ticket offline using Hashcat. Recently I have had a lot of success with privilege escalation in an Active Directory domain environment using an attack called Kerberoasting.
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